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EDU01 Solderless Educative Starterkit

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The EDU01 basic experiment kit is the first step into the world of modern electronics. Build your own circuits in a fun, safe and educative way.
The kit contains a breadboard and all necessary components to get started right away. You will finish assembling your first circuit in just a few minutes…


  • part of our EDUKIT range
  • 10 exciting projects to build
  • no soldering required
  • high-quality breadboard with 456 contact terminals
  • extended manual
  • projects include: blinking LEDs, burglar alarm, light sensor, polarity tester, start-stop circuit, timer, running light, water alarm and more...


  • breadboard dimensions: 80 x 60mm / 3.15" x 2.36"
EDU01 Solderless Educative Starterkit
EDU01 Solderless Educative StarterkitEDU01 Solderless Educative Starterkit