We strongly advise to download the corresponding manual when you buy the kit, because we don't keep older manuals on-line!

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Quad 33 Upgrade and Revision kit

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Everything you need to do a full revision of your 33 yourself!

Now includes Low Noise transistors for all the boards.

  • Step-by-step instructions included via e-mail in pdf format.
  • Schematics included via e-mail.
  • 7/7 help via e-mail
  • Audiograde high-end caps for the circuit-boards
  • Audio-grade resistances for specific circuits
  • Low Noise BC550 transistors for the phono-, amplifier- & tape boards
  • The kit is adapted to all versions of the Quad 33.

Dada Electronics is specialised in vintage hifi revision.

You can download the Upgrade/Revision manual in the downloads section on this website.

Quad 33 Upgrade and Revision kit
Quad 33 Upgrade and Revision kit