QUAD 606 mains pollution WiFi and speakers pop when switching lamps off

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28-Aug-2019 05:33 PM

Quad Mark

Quad Mark

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When my father switches off the lamps along one wall in his living room, the same wall as the quad 606 is connected to we hear a loud pop in the speakers.

When anyone uses the mains WiFi unit connected to a different wall in the living room, there is crackly mains noise audibly present when anyone surfs the internet connected to that mains WiFi unit and much quieter if no one uses the mains WiFi unit.  I have tried a QED mains filter and a Tacima CS947 6-way mains conditioner connected to the 606. I have fitted RF chokes to all the leads. This noise is present if the 606 is on or off. 

Removing the mains WiFi unit is an option but we live in a house with 3-feet thick walls so getting WiFi round the house is tricky but not impossible if that’s the route I have to take.

However the lamps making loud pops when we turn off the light will remain.

What should I do?