405 ok to power 4ohm 100w bass transducer?

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22-Aug-2019 05:04 PM

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Hi all,

The transducer in question is this one:


I have been running it off one channel of the 405 (original) and noticed it generates a lot of heat at high outputs. The fact that the transducer is designed for bass that can go down below 20hz, and that high volumes are needed to really get it shaking, means I'm worried about the ohms dropping very low and over loading the amp. I'm not a technical person so forgive me if I've got this wrong.

I am feeding the transducer very low frequencies (5-200hz) to shake things for special FX generation in the studio.

My questions are:

Should I be concerned/could I damage my amp?

Is there a way to connect the transducer to both channels to give it more headroom?

Thank you,



30-Aug-2019 06:32 PM



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For this use I would convert it to monoblock.

See the paper about this on the Download-page.

We can also convert it to monoblock for you (after a revision).