405-2 blowing up

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26-Jun-2019 11:28 PM



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The amp that is not working is a M12565 ver 6, it has a blown FS2, D11, TR10 and the readings across the opamp show between pins 3 and 6 it's open circuit.

N2 also looks suspicious, I have no idea how to test it and the best I could do was compare its resistance readings with the other good N2 network on the good board. Starting with the group of 2 pins I left the probe on the first pin and then took reading of the other pins and discovered the last 2 pins of the group of 3 were: 1.13K and 23.3K, these differed from the readings on the good N2 network that were: 1.32M and 2.75M.

Would a faulty opamp cause all this?

 I would be very grateful for any advice.