Quad 606 refresh, caps and foam?

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30-Nov-2018 03:58 PM



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My 20+ year old quad 606 mk1 has blown a channel and being a tinkering kind of guy I've opened it up to see what's what.

I've managed to spot the blown fuse and what looks like a burnt power transistor. Simple enough fix.

However whilst I've got the old quad open I might as well give it a bit of a revamp, and here is where I have some questions.

1 - the foam that holds the transformer in the mount has completely decomposed, what should I replace it with?

2 - the 4 main capacitors are 6800uf, but the recommended replacements on the dada webshop are 10000uf, why?

I'm looking forward to rebuilding this old amp with your helpful knowledge :)

Thanks in advance!

21-Dec-2018 01:08 AM



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Following other Quad modder's advice I have cut pieces from self-adhesive foam of 10mm thickness. This is the material I have used:


You should be able to source similar materials from many suppliers. I have cut pieces following the shape shown in the Quad 606 Service Manual V2.0, available from the download section. 

The Service Manual shows both Mk. I versions, before and after S/N 7000, so you should pick the right drawing for your model.