Dada Engeieering: Minimalist Quad 33

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08-Oct-2018 06:17 AM



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I think a large part of the appeal, at this point, of the Quad 33 is it's compact dimensions, serviceability, lack of IC's, and industrial design. I'd love to have a line-level only preamp of similar dimensions but with more modern parts/ reliability. A 33-sized preamp, based on the the same power supply and some of the same boards, but without the troublesome push-button selector switches and balance control. I'm suggesting a 33 with volume control and a rotary line selector (plenty available) (and possibly a rotary balance control?) So, simplification of input levels: no plug-in tape or phone boards; maybe 4 line-level inputs and 2 preamp outputs? (no tape loupe necessary.)  Ultimately a motorized pot. remote volume as option. (In my opinion, remote source selection isn't very relevant.) This would be the perfect compact apartment/ small room preamp. Just posting to see if others have similar interest.


08-Oct-2018 10:07 AM



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you have some goods thoughts there. Unfortunately that doesn't address the 33's design limitations, which my please some - it pleases me I can assure.

I use a FM3/33/405 with 11L2 piano black speakers in my office ; using tape output and all inputs except the phono due to not having a turntable there.

 If I were to change the 33 by design, I'd improve the power supply to an external one and possibly replace the volume pot with an ALPS stepped one. I'd basically leave it's internals the way they've been designed.

My 33 follows in essence, the Dada Review guide, with the majority of parts supplied by them and a few more tweaks here and there by me.

Ocasionaly I switch the tuner and pre with the 34/FM4 also serviced. To my ears they sound different and every now and then I miss one or the other.

To your intentions maybe the 34 is easier to address. I don't believe the IC circuit design in the 34 is a quality issue. To my ears, appart from the Dada revision guide, 
the 34's greatest improvement would also be a better crosstalk figure in channel separation - an issue addressed on Keith Snook's web page by himself.