Quad 34 Paint colours

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03-May-2018 04:46 PM



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Hello There

I have a later Quad 34 pre-amplifier which sadly has some scratching to the paintwork of that fascia and also the volume knob is worn away.

I spoke to Quad Service Dept who informed me that the original paint was manufactured by Trimite and was baked on.  They don't stock replacements.

Could anyone recommend a suitable colour?  I live in the UK and Quad suggested using automotive paint, but weren't specific about colour matching.

thanks in advance


10-May-2018 08:59 AM

Joost Plugge

Joost Plugge

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I had a lot of cabinets and parts painted. Most of it is solded. Quad did not used a so called RAL number. All the brown and grey cases are differant. A good car paint shop can determine the coulor and respray or powder coat it in the right color and give it a matt finish. But one cabinet will be very expensive! A Ford color is very close, Alberto Green, the Ford code on the touch up stick is 6 924 396.



10-May-2018 03:06 PM

Not Available

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Our local car paint shop will mix up a custom colour in the form of a cellulose paint rattle-can, so it's usable by ordinary mortals without a body shop. They just need a sample of the colour that you want to match  (ie take in your 34), point a spectrometer thingy at it and the paint computer does the rest.