10,000uf power supply capacitors

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26-Mar-2018 08:47 AM



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Is it true that large capacitors are slow to charge and discharge, therefore giving a slow kind of sound.
So is it better to use one large capacitor in the power supply, or to parallel connect several small capacitors, this would give the advantage of lower esr and possibly higher ripple current, would that have any effect in real life.
I am puzzled as more expensive caps have slightly lower esr and slightly higher ripple current and do sound better.

Thank you. Richard.

27-Mar-2018 02:49 PM



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There is no such electronic fact that large capacitors "are too slow to charge" and that that would influence the sound.

That would mean that the power supply is designed in a very bad way with a transformer that does not deliver enough power.

You should not believe everything that is told on the internet. Just use good quality capacitors like the ones we supply with the revision kits.