revised Q33

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19-Feb-2018 03:47 PM



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Last week I took my Q33 apart so to install the new DaDa parts. All went smooth. I cleandes all potmeters and switches. Sadly the balance slider was broken because the potmeter was jamed by rust. The potmeter is working again so all I need now is a new slider.

When I put the power on after reasamble all seemd OK. When i started a CD however verry loud music was filling te room. The volume was down all the way. There was a problem. After a long search I found de most right connector was broken at de switch. So I took it apart again en solderd the connection back on. All other conections were fine.

After asembling the unit again I just enjoyd my new Q33.

I am stunned. Afte moving my Original Q33 got lost and probebly was throne away?! It was an eary '60th version that was revised bij Mr van Ommeren in 2007 or 8. This unit was performing fine. I realy liked this unit.

I am stuned because my "new"Q33"sounds so much better to my ears. More silent but more importend more relaxed and easy. The new unit has ISS 4 prints (the ols ISS 1 prints). The DaDa kit includes new trasistors also and the gain reduction was not installed in my former Q33. Could dat be a reason for the difference I hear?

My Q33 is hooked to a Q303 (also refurbished by Mr van Ommeren) and a pair of KEF CS1a speakers I build in 1984. It is a perfect mach in my opinion. I love it.

I also have a Q44 and a Q405-2. Both resently serviced. They are hooked to a pair Q acoustic Concept 40 speakers. A verry good set. I have to try the Q Acoustics to the 33-303 set. For now the Q33-303 is the winner!

Installing the DaDa kit took me about an hour and a half. The fault in the volume wiring 2 days.

The only thing left is hooking up my other new toy I got from family. A in almost mint conditon Garrard 401 with SME and Orthofoon MC for witch a have to find a good Pre.

Maybe it is a good idea to also upgrade my Q303 with a DaDa kit. A nice project for next winter.