Quad 909 sound profile after fitting revision Kit and PSU Caps

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16-Feb-2018 10:18 PM

Dominic Martino

Dominic Martino

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So the first mod I perfomed before upgading the components in my 909 was removing the quad link. Such a improvement, the sound was very relaxed and sounded cleaner and purer after the mod. 

I have since upgraded the caps on the amp boards, fitted the decoupling caps etc. I also upgraded the PSU caps, its completely changed the sound profile, I am hearing notes and detail which I didnt know was there. However, I do have one question where I need some help. The relaxed smooth sound of the Quad 909 has gone, I suspect this is due to my speakers (B&W 804D) tweeters. They are diamond and can sound rather edgy, which made amp matching difficult. Is there any part of the revision kit or further mods I can do to get this smooth easy listening characteristic back? Are any of the changes going to be affecting the high frequency part of the amplification process?