Q33 faulty

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14-Feb-2018 05:23 PM



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Helllo all,

I have just finished uograding my Q33. It did not blow up after switching it on so i conected it to my 303 + KEF LS1A speakers.

When i start playing a source it wil be heard in Mono at gain max. When turning the volume up there is a stero signal mixed in to the ouput.

The mono/stereo buttons seem to work fine. Tone contol is workin on the stereo signal.

This behaviour is the same for the radio 1 and 2 inputs.

What is or went wrong here?

I do not know if this Q33 was faulty when i started the project. I have not tested it before the upgrade becaus the condensor on the main switch was blown. I dit not want to take a chance on other fautlts and th risc of repairs.

My version has all iss4 plug in cards. The switchboared is iss5 ant the tone ncontrol iss1

I hope somone can help!