606 MK2 - Bypass caps of the PS filter caps

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05-Jan-2018 04:36 PM



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Earlier this week I've applied 4 bypass 0,1uF 250V polyprop caps to each of the 4 filter power supply caps, for any eventual  sound improvement.

The caps manufacturer is "JB Capacitors" yellow axial.

Imediatly, it sounded different in the upper region, clearer, focused and more natural sounding. Quite noticeable at a very moderate cost.

It's a bit hardworking to get to the underside of the Mk2 PCB, but wouldn't it be worth adding this to the MK2 revision kit? A question to the 606...909 kit developers.

My 606 has been revised with the kit some years ago : added 4x new BHC ALP22A filter caps ; 1% 1/2w resistors; C8 silver mica (Cornell Dubilier) and new speaker posts.

So this has been the only mod carrier out lately.

This got me smiling at my system, once again.

Now I just miss a better defined bass response. Bass depth is good for me.